Friday, August 27, 2010

Swimming in 3k

Today me and my sis went to 3k Subang Jaya to swim. It's a public indoor pool. It's damn uglyyyyyyy. The interior damn ugly compared to MMU's swimming pool. The water is obviously damn cold and the water is damn dirty. I actually feel dirty. The entrance fee is RM 4 (public holiday) and I didn't being home my swimming cap and I had to rent it for RM2. It's not nice. I rather go back MMU and swim. The toilet is also not nice.

As for my bikini, the neck tie came off as usual because it's tie string. If I tie double knot, then it wont come off. But if I tie double ribbon, it still comes off. I actually think (since last time), no matter how you tie it, it will definitely come off because of the material. It's slippery.

Now I'm in the bikini craze. I so want to learn how to sew a bikini. I so want to find sewing class or courses and want to learn how to sew stretch fabric. I obviously have to learn how to sew non-stretch fabric first.

Just now I was trying to sew (by machine) a bikini using the cheap table runner from some event 2 years ago. The table runner actually doesn't belong to me because we used the club's money but if I give it back to the club, they won't use it.

The table runner is not stretch material but it can stretch a little. It's those cheap cloth, RM2 per metre. It's so slippery too. I tried sewing a twist bandeau top bikini with it, obviously look ugly because I sew with hand, not machine. I really love twist bandeau tops. Many years ago I saw bras like that but now no more and bikinis are taking those designs. It obviously suit bikini more. It doesn't even look like a bikini. I wanted to sew a bikini that looks like this :

I will definitely learn how to sew because after looking at Victoria's Secret bikini, I love it so much eventhough most of the designs look the same but different colour. I didn't know that all scissors are right-handed. My friend told me once but it doesnt really bother me. She showed me while cutting paper. It's harder to cut with left hand because the scissors might not cut. I used a huge scissors to cut the fabric just now, I think it's a fabric scissors, it's so hard to cut. I tried turning the scissors around where my thumb and other 4 fingers are holding the scissors wrongly, it cut so easily. I should buy a left handed scissors or just buy a scissors with 2 equal hole sizes.

I also want to learn how to sew dresses because I always like wearing dresses but I never buy them because I think it's expensive. It's actually not because you only wear one piece of clothing at a time, not 2. If we wear 2 garments at a time, it also cost almost same as a dress. I also want to learn how to sew dresses because I saw alot of nice dresses but never buy it because I don't think I use them or it's expensive or it's low quality. Those low quality dresses are really bad.

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